Underlying a special relationship between photography and music, this archive presents part of an ongoing research and personal project: the appropriation and dissemination of historic and artistic photographs in record covers. From the early photography of Julia Margaret Cameron to Alec Soth, from Straight Photography to Fine Art Photography, from Jazz to Hip Hop, I'll share a selection of vinyl records of my private collection regularly. Stay tuned.

  • Germ / Julia Margaret Cameron

    Germ - Grief
    Prophecy Productions, 2015
    Julia Margaret Cameron

  • The Mock Turtles / Julia Margaret Cameron

    The Mock Turtles - Pomona
    Imaginary Records, 1987
    Julia Margaret Cameron

  • Book Of Love / Julia Margaret Cameron

    Book Of Love ‎- Lullaby
    Sire / I Square Records, 1988
    Julia Margaret Cameron

  • James Newton / John Pfahl

    James Newton - James Newton
    Gramavision, 1983
    John Pfahl

  • Brass Monkey / John Pfahl

    Brass Monkey - See How It Runs
    Topic Records, 1986
    John Pfahl

  • Hiroshima / John Pfahl

    Hiroshima - Another Place
    Epic, 1985
    John Pfahl

  • Little Brother Montgomery / Berenice Abbott

    Little Brother Montgomery
    Bajez Copper Station
    Blues Beacon Records, 1982
    Berenice Abbott

  • Van Morrison / Berenice Abbott

    Van Morrison - Too Long In Exile
    Polydor, 1993
    Berenice Abbott

  • Steven Brown / Berenice Abbott

    Steven Brown
    Me And You And The Licorice Stick
    Sub Rosa, 1982
    Berenice Abbott

  • Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus / Bernard Plossu

    Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus
    Al Viento
    Infiné 2016,
    Bernard Plossu

  • Faton Cahen 2 / Bernard Plossu

    François "Faton" Cahen
    Tendre Piano Solo
    Free Bird, 1978
    Bernard Plossu

  • Faton Cahen / Bernard Plossu

    Faton Cahen - Piano Rêves
    Cryonic Inc., 1986
    Bernard Plossu

  • OCQ / Rene Burri

    OCQ ‎- OCQ
    Linterna Música, 1986
    René Burri

  • Kiss In The Dark / René Burri

    Kiss In The Dark - Something Special
    Mercury, 1989
    René Burri

  • The Chemical Brothers / René Burri

    The Chemical Brothers - Leave Home
    Freestyle Dust, 1995
    René Burri

  • Silver Jews / William Eggleston

    Silver Jews - Tanglewood Numbers
    Drag City, 2005
    William Eggleston

  • Big Star / William Eggleston

    Big Star - Radio City
    Ardent Records, 1974
    William Eggleston

  • Primal Scream / William Eggleston

    Primal Scream - Dixie-Narco
    Creation Records, 1992
    William Eggleston