Underlying a special relationship between photography and music, this archive presents part of an ongoing research and personal project: the appropriation and dissemination of historic and artistic photographs in record covers. From the early photography of Julia Margaret Cameron to Alec Soth, from Straight Photography to Fine Art Photography, from Jazz to Hip Hop, I'll share a selection of vinyl records of my private collection regularly. Stay tuned.

  • Andrew Bird / John Baldessari

    Andrew Bird ‎- Are You Serious
    Loma Vista, 2016
    John Baldessari

  • Die Sterne ‎/ John Baldessari

    Die Sterne ‎- Wo Ist Hier
    L'Age D'Or ‎, 1999
    John Baldessari

  • The Balancing Act / John Baldessari

    The Balancing Act - Curtains
    I.R.S. Records, 1988
    John Baldessari

  • Thirteen Moons / Anders Petersen

    Thirteen Moons
    Suddenly One Summer
    Wire Records, 1986
    Anders Petersen

  • Fear Of Music ‎/ Anders Petersen

    Fear Of Music - First To Go
    Columbia, 2008
    Anders Petersen

  • Tom Waits / Anders Petersen

    Tom Waits - Rain Dogs
    Island Records, 1985
    Anders Petersen

  • Ensemble National Republique Democratic Vietnam / Marc Riboud

    Ensemble National
    De La République Démocratique
    Du Vietnam -Vietnam
    Le Chant Du Monde, n. d.
    Marc Riboud

  • Daniel Thibon / Marc Riboud

    Daniel Thibon & Guy Saint-Jean
    Le Crispougne
    Philips, 1976
    Marc Riboud

  • Rage Against The Machine / Marc Riboud

    Rage Against The Machine
    Bullet In The Head
    Epic, 1993
    Marc Riboud

  • Shack / Bert Hardy

    Shack - Zilch
    Ghetto Recording Company, 1988
    Bert Hardy

  • Harbour / Bert Hardy

    Harbour - Gwalia Deserta
    Carry The Weight Records, 2010
    Bert Hardy

  • VA - Heartlands / Bert Hardy

    VA - Heartlands
    Dino Entertainment, 1992
    Bert Hardy

  • Delta / Diane Arbus

    Delta - Gun
    Dishy Recordings, 1994
    Diane Arbus

  • VA - Mariacka Mein Freund Der Baum / Diane Arbus

    VA - Mariacka /
    Mein Freund Der Baum

    Schwarzes Vinyl, 2014
    Diane Arbus

  • Vandaalit / Diane Arbus

    Vandaalit - Etsin Ja Tuhoan
    Hilse-Levyt, 1992
    Diane Arbus

  • Catchers / Sally Mann

    Catchers ‎- Cotton Dress
    Setanta, 1994
    Sally Mann

  • Hellmenn / Sally Mann

    Mourning Of The Earth
    Waterfront Records, 1992
    Sally Mann

  • Hellmenn 02 / Sally Mann

    Hellmenn ‎- Anyone
    Waterfront Records, 1990
    Sally Mann